Established in 2018 the Pals Battalion was formally registered as a CIC meaning we are a Community Interest Company with Charitable ethics, standards and goals. 

Pals Battalion CIC is a community of Veterans, service members and civilians who want to make a positive impact within their local communities and further afield in the hopes to improve the overall health and wellbeing of themselves and their local Veteran and civilian population and the wider community. The Pals Battalion CIC is run like any other registered company but we are unique in that we are also run as a Battalion would be. With Chain of Command, Officers, members, HQ clubhouse, sports teams, regular events and more we aim to build a community of likeminded people who really want to make a positive impact upon their communities and in the process be part of something bigger again. 

“Having experienced first hand the adverse effects of trauma through conflict and having slipped through the net on numerous occasions, I felt I needed something more than just clinical intervention, through experience working within the charity sector I found this resounding amongst many others too. I don’t have all the answers and working within the Veteran and mental health sector, I found through experience that care is about a lot more than just clinical. So I set out on a mission to build something diffrent, something born out of first hand experience and a little piece of the bigger puzzle of which strives to help the Veteran and wider community as a whole”.


Founder & Director