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The PALS Battalion CIC is a Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company that was founded in 2018. Having developed into numerous avenues and projects 'The PALS' has a primary focus in the community, with goals of creating a 'positive community impact' within various communities through opportunities in sporting, mental, physical and general no clinical forms of community support.


Back in 2018 an idea was born, one that has seen 'The PALS' grow from starting out as just a website, to a whole avenue of projects with numerous volunteers, participants, members and supporters all over the country. From helping local food banks locally to national food bank drives, to playing football in a park, to having two official Football Teams with the UK, national partnerships and community projects spanning rugby & combat sports and also various avenues to race and spectate within the world of motorsports. The PALS Battalion Community Interest Company is not just another not-for-profit company...

we are a COMMUNITY!

We strive to keep the utmost professionalism in everything we do, the highest work ethics from various walks of life, values and standards that are akin to that seen within any kind of service life and we do so with a heart full of passion for what we do. Having faced a plethora of challenges on this journey, we are proud of the journey and progress the PALS battalion CIC has made and we continue to strive to keep to what we know best and that's

striving for a positive change upon the community one PALS at a time.

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